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Jesse Trump

Successful entrepreneurs rarely restrict themselves simply to one type of entrepreneurship. He is the CEO of Trump Organization, an American-based real estate developer in the premium real estate industry and the founding father of Trump Entertainment, which operates gambling casinos. Gambling market usually serves as an excellent support for primary business. This is the way the politician Donald Trump and popular American billionaire uses the gaming business. Trump began his career at his father"s company, the Trump Organization, and initially focused o-n his father"s chosen area of middle income rental property.

The number of Trump"s interests is quite wide, first of all, it"s property, media, restaurants. It"s maybe not surprising that such a multifaceted entrepreneur became also considering industry. Comprehending that almost all niches in Vegas are filled, Trump paid his focus on the devel-oping Atlantic City. It is there that he founded three casinos. Today Trump owns "Trump Taj Mahal", "Trump Plaza" and "Trump Marina" in Atlantic City. The fortune of Donald Trump is 2.6 billion dollars, h-e occupies the 278th position in "Forbes" world rating.

Calvin Ayre

Instant development of I-T technologies influences almost all spheres of human actions. Gambling business isn"t an exception. Now one can play membership poker, make bets on the outcomes of sports via the internet without leaving home. The leader of online gaming was Calvin Ayre. Calvin was born in 1961 in Canada. In student years he upset trying to sell fresh fruit. Having hence received 10 thousand dollars, h-e organizes an organization that focuses on IT technologies.

Perhaps, now he"d also be engaged in developing, for example, software, if once upon a time he discovered a write-up that described business that accepted bets via telephone. For additional information, consider having a gaze at: online reputation repair. After reading it Calvn decides to improve the report of his enterprise. In 1994 he produces "Bodog Entertainment Group." Thinking in the potential of the computer system Internet, he starts to develop his business specifically in this area. With the aid of web portal for that first time everyone was in a position to guess online, and then perform in team and casino poker. Dig up more on online reputation management company by going to our thrilling web page. In March 2006 Calvin"s image appears o-n the cover of "Forbes", h-e becomes the very first online casino games businessman who made his way into this famous magazine. Discover extra info on our partner portfolio by clicking Based on "Forbes", Calvin was able to make 44 million dollars, with this specific amount he occupies the 746th devote "Forbes" world rating..

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