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Firstly I"ll explain what blogging and pinging is. Blog and ping is an approach you need to use to have your site listed in search engines. The idea is that search engines like sites because of the ever updating content, so they carry on back. By writing a blog and setting some site links in-the posts, the search engines may spider the...

I have been doing an experiment with blogging and pinging, among the ways which apparently gets your website listed and rated higher faster.

Firstly I"ll describe what blogging and pinging is. Blog and ping is a method you can use to obtain your website listed in search engines. The concept is that search engines like websites because of the ever updating content, so they carry on back. By creating a blog and setting some site links in-the articles, the major search engines may index the links, and pages soon after you blog.

Pinging is when you deliver a "ping" to allow sites, which keep lists of blogs, and when these blogs are updated, know that you have added material for your website. These are presumably closely watched from the search engine spiders, in order that they could spider any new information and add it to the search engine which controls them.

Anyway, back to my research, does blogging and pinging really get your site noticed?

Well my effects have been encouraging. I"ve tried by just utilizing a blog as the front page of the new website I began. has pinged through which blows the blog entries to several large ping web sites just been promoted by way of the blog to mention new content, and then.

Following a week of incorporating content, and then posting an announcement of the new content to the pinging with pingoat and blog on the front page, the site appears to be getting visitors to nearly all of the pieces, that we can see from the log files. I can also see some of the traffic is via search engines, and also lots of spider activity can be observed on the site, where the search engines are moving the information.

So I must conclude that blogging and pinging is really a method of getting listed o-n search engines, or at-least of getting noticed by them quickly.

Should you be blogging and pinging?

Needless to say that"s your decision, but for the time it takes, it maybe worth trying website and ping for yourself and tracking the outcomes. An instant blog post (use unless you curently have a blog) and then ping with pingoat requires only some minutes, and might help a site into all the search engines easily.. For additional information, you are encouraged to gander at: Gallery Eng - How To Make Money Blogging.

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