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Lately, while sitting in my chair drinking the final of my breakfast coffee, a thought staggered into my mind. I must confess many thoughts are very unhappy after they enter my mind, but that one had a nagging component to it.

Experience has shown me-i should never cave in to these unusual trespassers. Every-time I entertain any of them, Im the one getting burnt.

Now was different. Dont ask me how it was different, or how I knew it was different, it just was. Naturally, looking right back I has been wrong.

The thought: why not surprise my wife by baking her a meal?

I understand what youre thinking. I thought the same thing when this suggested itself to me. But, the more I considered it, the more wonderfully tasty it seemed. How could anything go wrong if I am doing it for my wife?

The only problem I had a need to answer was what sort of cake should I cook.

After a long period of ruminating, I settled on the lemon sponge cake with peanut-butter frosting. This was likely to be the best surprise my partner has ever received from me.

Sitting in a prominent place in your kitchen is my wifes Betty Crocker Cook book. I dont know how long she has had that book, its been in our kitchen for as long as I can remember which actually might not be that long when I come to think of it.

I sat within my favorite chair, got the book and opened it. How will you read a cookbook? It did not have any rhyme or reason if you ask me, when i leafed through it. In musing to the book I said to myself, how essential is it to follow along with directions?

Placing the book back in its respected place, I concluded that since it was my cake, I didnt need help from anyone else, especially Betty Crocker. This is the difference between women and men. While men benefit from the freedom to do their own thing, women need a lot of instructions.

I knew precisely what I needed. A sponge cake, with peanut butter frosting. What could be easier?

Locating a big mixing bowl, I assembled all of the materials I needed; flour, sugar, eggs, milk and baking powder. If you think anything, you will perhaps hate to explore about next. Everybody knows you can not make without baking powder.

I"ve no idea what baking powder is, except when you make you use baking powder.

I put everything inside the mixing bowl. The thing I wasnt quite sure of was the measure, but how hard can that be anyway? Gloria Crocker stated a cup with this and a cup of that, but never defined what she meant with a cup. Should people desire to get more on human resources manager, we know of millions of online resources people might pursue.

I visited the cupboard and viewed each of the cups. There were all kinds and sizes of glasses and I did not know what type to make use of. I said to myself and eyed a large coffee cup, this can work.

I left 6 o-r 8 cups of flour into the mixing bowl, I cant remember how many. Then I cracked twelve eggs and put that into the mixing bowl too. Preparing a of milk into the mixing bowl, everything was whipped by me into a nice batter.

This was to be a lemon sponge cake but I can find nothing noticeable lemon inside the cabinet. I opened the icebox, and as luck would have it, I found a quart of lemonade.

I added this concoction in to the largest cake skillet I may find. As I was going to put it into the range, I remembered the baking powder. How is this meal planning to make if it doesnt have the baking powder?

Placing the cake pan down, I grabbed the baking powder and liberally sprinkled it along with my hitter. I"ve no notion what baking powder does but I put enough on my meal so it would do a great job.

In to the stove the cake went, and with a movie of the arm I made the temperature to 450 degrees. Remembering this was a big cake, I readjusted the temperature to 650.

Greater the dessert the hotter the oven, is what I say.

Now all I had a need to do was watch for my cake to make. As I was waiting, I heard rumblings from the stove but just chalked that up to good cake baking.

I think I fell asleep, as the next thing I knew there was an unusual scent permeating the air. It smelled a bit smoky and then it dawned on me. My cake, its done.

What I pulled from the oven did not resemble any dessert I"d ever seen. It looked like a pancake, twice the size of the cake pan, with some sort of infection on the surface.

No quantity of peanut butter frosting in the world can camouflage this tragedy.

It had been about this time I began reassessing the notion of reading instructions. Perhaps recommendations have a purpose after all. If you have an opinion about finance, you will maybe wish to check up about look into silicone baking cups.

I recall some thing the Apostle Paul said. Review to show thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth perhaps not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth. (2 Timothy 2:15 KJV.)

To live right without getting burnt the right directions are needed by you..

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