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Charles Reznikoff. Inscriptions, 1894-1976 (Nanterre)

Charles Reznikoff. Inscriptions, 1894-1976 (Nanterre)

Publié le par Marc Escola (Source : Naomi Toth)


Université Paris Nanterre, Amphithéâtre Max Weber

Colloque en anglais (avec certaines communications en français), ouvert à toutes et à tous.


8:30-9:30. Registration, coffee and pastries

9:30-9:45. Welcome address: Françoise Král, Director, CREA, Paris Nanterre. 

9:45-10:45. Documenting the Law. Chair: Florence Bellivier (Panthéon Sorbonne).

***Almas Khan (University of Arkansas at Little Rock) “African American Experiences and the Poetic Formation of Charles Reznikoff.”

***Natina Gilbert (University of Rochester) “ ‘That It Might Be Put Down In Capitals’: Evaluating the Function of the ‘Objective Correlative’ in Testimony (1934).”

10:45:11:00 Coffee break

11:00-12:00 Keynote: Jena Osman. “Subjects of the Law”. Chair: Fiona McMahon (Paul Valéry-Montpellier 3)

12:00-1:30. Lunch

1:30-2:30. Witnessing and Testifying. Chair: Benoît Tadié (Paris Nanterre)

***Rosina Martucci (University of Salerno). “Comparative Literature Paintings: Holocaust by Charles Reznikoff and The Lost Bread by Edith Bruck.”

***Andrea Inglese (poet and critic). “Testimony : Ce qui est mémorable.”

2:30-2:45. Coffee break

2:45-4:15. Vernacular Poetics. Chair: Charlotte Estrade (Paris Nanterre).

*** Lisa Siriganian (John Hopkins) “Reznikoff’s The Manner Music: A Poetics of Unintended Consequences.”

*** Miriam Ould Aroussi (Université de Paris Cité). “To Be Read Just As Common Speech / But For Stopping At The End Of Each Line:” Charles Reznikoff’s Poetics Of Ordinary Language

*** William Dow (Université Paris-Est). “Reznikoff’s Poetic Journalism: A Material Culture Of Poetry And Knowing.”

4:15-4:30. Coffee Break

4:30-5:30. Round table in French: Reznikoff et l’adaptation scénique / Adapting Reznikoff to the stage. Chair: Fiona McMahon (Paul Valéry-Montpellier 3). With Henri-Jules Julien, Sonia Chiambretto, Romain Jarry


9:00-9:30. Coffee and pastries

9:30 -10:30. Judaism, Jewishness, and Yiddishkeit. Chair: Antonia Rigaud (Sorbonne Nouvelle)

*** Ranen Omer-Sherman (University of Louisville). “The Origins and Intimations of Reznikoff’s Lyrical Rebuke of Zionism.”

*** Dara Barnat (Tel Aviv University). “The Jewish Objectivist Poet And The Jewish Beat Poet: Intersections Between Charles Reznikoff, Allen Ginsberg, And Walt Whitman.”  

10:30-10:45. Coffee break            

10:45-11:45. Keynote: Norman Finkelstein “Reznikoff and the Rabbis.” Chair: Xavier Kalck (Lille)

11:45-1:30.  Lunch

1:30-2:30. Reznikoff and Translation. Chair: Olivier Brossard (Gustave Eiffel) 

*** Ciro Lubliner (University of Sao Paulo). “Poésie et traduction comme recomposition des corps et des voix : une étude à partir de Testimony”

*** Sarug Sarano (poet and translator). “Reznikoff in Spanish: The Difficulties of Translating Simplicity in Testimony.”

2:30-2:45. Coffee break

2:45-3:45. Round Table: Translating Reznikoff. Chair: Abigail Lang (Université de Paris). Avec Eva Antonnikov, Thierry Gillyboeuf, Carlos Soto Roman, and Piotr Sommer

7:00. Poetry Reading at the Maison de la Poésie (Passage Molière, 157 rue Saint Martin, Paris 75003. 

Dara Barnat, Sonia Chiambretto, Norman Finkelstein, Stephen Fredman, Micheal Heller, Andrea Inglese, Jena Osman, Ariel Resnikoff, Mark Scroggins, Frank Smith. 


8:30-9:00. Coffee and pastries

9:00-11:00. Objectivist Approaches. Chair: Xavier Kalck (Lille)

***Jeffrey Twitchell-Waas (independent scholar). “Reznikoff As Zukofsky’s Model ‘Objectivist’.”

*** Mark Scroggins (poet, biographer, and critic). “Reznikoff Among the Objectivists.”

*** Jacek Partyka (University of Białystok). “Animals in Charles Reznikoff’s Poetry.”

*** Etienne Garnier (Université d'Angers). “Reznikoff’s Simple Bodies.”

11:00-11:15. Coffee break            

11:15-12:15. Keynote: Michael Heller. "Reznikoff: 'A Girder, Still Itself'." Chair: Hélène Aji (École Normale Supérieure)

12:15-1:45. Lunch

1:45-3:45. Reception and Legacy. Chair: Olivier Hercend (Paris Nanterre) 

*** Joanna Orska Zakład (University of Wrocław). “Postsocialist Objectivism? Charles Reznikoff’s Going To And Fro And Walking Up And Down In The Former Soviet-Bloc Countries After 1989 (With Particular Reference To Poland).”

*** François Hugonnier (Université d’Angers). “Paul Auster’s Reznikoffs.”

*** Seth Murray (University of Rochester).“The Relational Poetics of Charles Reznikoff.”

*** Ariel Resnikoff (poet, scholar, translator): “Remembering Rezzy: Midrashic Meditations on an ‘Expanded Yiddish’ Ancestor.

3:45-4:00. Coffee break

4:00-5:00. Closing Remarks. Stephen Fredman: “The Method of Irreducible Detail: Charles Reznikoff the Historian.” Chair : Naomi Toth (Paris Nanterre)