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4th International Colloquium Word, Sound, Image : Materialities in Question (Belo Horizonte, Brazil)

4th International Colloquium Word, Sound, Image : Materialities in Question (Belo Horizonte, Brazil)

The Intermídia : Estudos sobre a Intermidialidade research group invites researchers and artists to submit their works to the 4th International Colloquium Word, Sound, Image, which will take place between 10 and 13 September 2024, at the Pontifícia Universidade Católica de Minas Gerais (PUC Minas), in Belo Horizonte, Brazil.

In this edition, the colloquium addresses the theme Materialities in Question. Based on it, contributions are expected to reflect on the role of the technical conditions of production and reception of artistic and literary works in the process of building meaning. This is a topic that has become fundamental in contemporary times, as the vertiginous expansion of technologies of production, processing, circulation and reception of writing, sound and image has been causing profound transformations in social and cultural practices and in artistic and literary forms of production. To intermedial studies, particularly, the awareness of the materiality of media (artistic or not), their supports and technologies, and the possible modes of relations between them, whether as co-presence, interaction, transference, circulation, among others, becomes their own condition of existence.

Within this perspective, we invite researchers and artists to submit their proposals to one of the following thematic axes:

1. The book as an expressive form
Editorial practices; the history of printed objects; artist’s books; illustrated books; and book-object.

2. Materialities of the surfaces
Creative processes of juxtaposition, overlapping, combination and collage of words and images in printed pages, screens, walls, among others.

3. Digital poetics
New experiences of literary production, circulation and reception in the digital world, such as instapoetry, audiobooks, digital poetry, Wattpad, and others.

4. Transpositions and transmediations
Analysis of the transformations between media products, especially concerning the modes through which different supports, intersemiotic relations and historical and cultural conditions operate in the processes of constructing meaning.

5. Multimodality and reading
The reading experience in different supports; the role of multimodal resources in reading practices; perceptive-cognitive processes involved in the production of meaning in different semiotic systems.

6. Sound reverberations
Relations between word, image and sound; songs; sound poetry; voice and performance; slam poetry; sound culture; the record as an artistic object; from the score to the digital recording as sound supports; the musical utilization of less traditional sound sources.

7. Spatialities and the sensorial
Creation forms that somehow involve sensorial interaction processes such as installations, videogames, and haptic experiences enabled by audiovisual or mixed techniques employed in the fine arts.

8. Materiality and cultural differences
Creative processes that highlight both the techniques and technologies of non-hegemonic cultures and the modes through which they, in a resistance act, appropriate and subvert common uses that hegemonic cultures give to the body, the technical devices and the artistic practices.

9. Intermediality and media archaeology
History of the devices and techniques of artistic and literary production; processes of remediation and media representation; creative practices with the use of anachronic technologies.

10. Materialisms, ontologies, and objects
Implications of the new conceptions of materialism in contemporary philosophy to the study of artistic, literary and media phenomena; speculative realism and object-oriented ontology; representation of objects in the arts, literature, and media.


The call for papers is open until 30 April 2024. You can submit your abstract via the forms available on our website.

The colloquium has two modalities of submissions:

a) Abstract and further information on research works (in-person presentation) on one of the thematic axes.

b) Abstract and further information on creative productions (in digital support) for exhibition during the colloquium, with the possibility of participation in in-person roundtables.