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17th-century sessions MLA 2025 (Nouvelle-Orléans)

17th-century sessions MLA 2025 (Nouvelle-Orléans)

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The LLC 17-Century French forum invites proposals for three sessions at MLA 2025 in New Orleans. 
New Perspectives on ‘New France’ and the Colonial Caribbean (proposed panel co-sponsored with LLC 18th-Century French forum)
What sources and/or methods should we be using to understand France's relationship to N. America and the Caribbean in the early modern period?  
250-word proposals to David Harrison ( and Logan Connors ( by March 15.

Whiteness in/beyond Early Modern France (guaranteed roundtable)
What were the meanings of whiteness in early modern France? In the colonies? How did moral, aesthetic, or philosophical valences inform racial constructions? Thinking with premodern critical race studies, what invisible work did whiteness do?
Proposals (100 words max.) for 7-minute contributions to Ashley Williard by March 15 at

Who Are the Publics for Early Modern Studies? (guaranteed roundtable)
Given the political and economic challenges facing the languages and literatures today, how could early modernists address a broader public? What media might scholars use to reach a non-academic audience and promote the field?
Proposals (100 words max.) for 7-minute contributions to Jeffrey Peters by March 15 at