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Multilingual African Digital Semiotics and E-lit Journal (MADSEJ), vol. 1, issue 1

Multilingual African Digital Semiotics and E-lit Journal (MADSEJ), vol. 1, issue 1

Publié le par Esther Demoulin (Source : Yohanna Joseph Waliya)


Multilingual African Digital Semiotics and E-lit Journal (MADSEJ), volume 1, issue 1


Multilingual African Digital Semiotics and E-lit Journal (MADSEJ) is a multilingual scientific journal owned by African Electronic Literature Alliance & African Diasporic Electronic Literature (AELA & ADELI). It is a peer-reviewed, creative, technical and open access journal.

MADSEJ is created in 2022 to enable African electronic literary works and digital arts get wider readership and visibility presence in the virtual wold-Internet and Metaverse. It concerns with the investigation into electronic and metaversal literary works, digital culture, heritage, semiotics created by Africans or/and in collaboration with Africans across the world. In other words, MADSEJ publishes only original researches and e-creative works mediated by social media, Internet and immersive storytelling platforms-Extended Reality (AR+VR+MR=XR).

Therefore, MADSEJ accepts papers or digital arts that deal with the literary singularity intersected by technology such as Twitterature, Facebookature, Youtubature, Instagramature, TikTokature, Mobile and video Games, Blogfanfic, immersive and metaversal literatures.


This journal will begin its maiden edition with the papers accepted for the AELAIWC2022 conference. Papers are welcomed for the second edition which will possibly be published this year. All articles should have an abstract not more than 150 words. In a situation whereby the article is written in any official African language, the abstract should be either in French, in English or in Arabic vice versa. All articles should not be more than 16 A4 size pages, including tables, graphs, reference or webography, if need be. The presentation of the article should be double line spacing, Times New Roman, 12 points. All works cited are to comply with the MLA 9th edition format. Articles should be sent electronically to (link sends e-mail). MADSEJ's board of editors would get to the researchers/artists within 20 working days from the day of submission.


Managing Editor: Prof. Tunde Ope-Davies, University of Lagos, Lagos, Nigeria.

Editor-in-chief: Prof. Mourad El Fhali, Sidi Mohammaed Ben Abdellah University, Morocco.

Senior Editor: Dr. Richard Oko Ajah, University of Uyo, Uyo, Nigeria.

Second Editor: Yohanna Joseph Waliya, University of Calabar, Nigeria.



Mobile: +2348038940016