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The Lincoln Humanities Journal, Vol. 9, 2021

The Lincoln Humanities Journal, Vol. 9, 2021

Publié le par Marc Escola (Source : Abbes Maazaoui)

The Lincoln Humanities Journal (ISSN 2474-7726) is extending the deadline for submissions to August 31, 2021, for its 9th special issue, to be published in December 2021, on the topic of Happiness: Practice, Process, and Product. Articles should be sent to the editor at (and not

Contributors are invited to explore the theme from a number of perspectives:  (a) the practices of happiness: what it means to be happy; and the ever-evolving forms and definitions at all levels (individual, cultural, political, etc. ); (b) the processes: the strategies and actions that seekers and providers of happiness implement to achieve happiness: consumption, hobbies, drugs, alcohol, gambling, sex, etc.; (c) and products: what happiness looks like; how it is experienced; and the various emotional, economic, socio-political, physiological and literary gadgets, symbols and manifestations that embody happiness. We welcome approaches across a broad range of disciplines such as literature, philosophy, history, anthropology, religion, psychology, popular culture, visual arts, and social media.

Topics may include but are not limited to:
• The concept of happiness: philosophical, psychological, historical, cultural, and economic perspectives
• Happiness in literature and the arts (music, painting, etc.)
• Happiness in mass media (TV, film, and the Internet) 
• The science of happiness (psychology and neuroscience)
• The politics of happiness: law and public policy 
• Happiness, welfare, well-being, euphoria, “feel good”, and the “good life”
• Love, happiness, and sex
• Health/care and happiness
• Buying/selling happiness
• Pursuit of happiness
• Self-help industry (publications, workshops, apps, etc.)
• Happiness, religion and spiritualty
• Happiness and morality
• Geographical and environmental impact of happiness 
• Happiness in different cultures/countries

Important Dates & Deadlines
• Deadline for Full Article Submissions:   August 31, 2021
• Acceptance Notification:                        60 days after submission
• Projected Date of Publication:               December 2021          

Submission Guidelines 
1. Include an abstract of 200-400 words (in MS Word)
2. Include a biographical note of 50-250 words (in MS Word) 
3. The article should be 4000-6000 words, including the abstract, the footnotes and the works cited 
4. Include the following statement in the cover e-mail: “I solemnly confirm that the attached manuscript has never been published elsewhere, under this, or another title." 
5. Include name, professional affiliation, phone number, and email address in the cover e-mail.

Formatting Guidelines
6. Manuscripts must conform to MLA-style guidelines (MLA Style Manual and Guide to Scholarly Publishing). For an MLA Style Works Cited format overview, see the following web resource:
7. Use font Georgia # 12. The entire article, including the abstract and the indented quotations, should be double-spaced, and in MS Word.
8. The final submission must comply with other formatting guidelines, to be communicated upon notification of acceptance.

Submission & Review Process
1. Manuscripts should be sent to the editor, Abbes Maazaoui ( 
2. Articles undergo a double blind review and their publication depends on the peer-review process