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Baudelaire “Appreciations” (Volupté)

Baudelaire “Appreciations” (Volupté)

Publié le par Université de Lausanne (Source : Bénédicte Coste)

Baudelaire “Appreciations”

Volupté – Summer 2021

Somewhat against his own wishes, Charles Baudelaire remains the grandfather of decadent literature, and his poetry and prose is a point of commencement and return for readers interested in the beauty and ugliness of modernity.

In order to mark the bicentenary of his birth on 9 April 1821, Volupté would like to take stock of Baudelaire’s continuing legacy through collating a range of personal responses to his work from contemporary artists, writers, academics, and students working in the field of decadence studies and beyond. 

We are asking for short (1000 words approx.), personal reflections on reading, writing about, and/or teaching Baudelaire. For instance:

  • What was your first encounter with Baudelaire?

  • Is there a particular poem or prose work that you find yourself returning to?

  • What is your experience of teaching Baudelaire?

  • How do we read Baudelaire in the 21st century?

  • Has your opinion of his work developed or changed over time?

Contributions - in English or French - will be published in a special section dedicated to the poet in the Summer 2021 issue of Volupté.

Please send your “appreciation” along with any queries to the editors ( We are also happy to consider non-written contributions (photography, painting, video-art etc.).