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Litteraria Copernicana : thematic volume

Litteraria Copernicana : thematic volume

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Litteraria Copernicana thematic volume: call for proposals

The editorial board of the academic quarterly Litteraria Copernicana extends an invitation to researchers specializing in humanities to submit proposals of a thematic volume which will be released as the issue 4/2021 or 1/2022.

The submission deadline is 20 January 2021.

We are waiting for your proposals at the following e-mail addresses: or

Founded in 2008 at the Faculty of Humanities of Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń, Poland, and published as a quarterly since 2016, Litteraria Copernicana is a journal whose aim is to present original and valuable contributions in the field of literary studies, including history and theory of literature, and culture studies, including culture history and theory, pertaining to theatre studies, film studies, art studies and general the humanities. As a rule, each volume of the journal is thematic, with outside specialists in the leitmotif of the volume assigned as content editors.

The content of the journal is divided into a number of permanent sections, the key section being “Studia i rozprawy” (‘Research papers’) with original and innovative research papers. A text needs to undergo a successful double-blind review before publishing it in this section. Other permanent sections include “Mistrzowie” (‘The Masters’), which introduce profiles and achievements of the greats of the research on the volume’s subject matter, and “Recenzje” (‘Reviews’). Depending on the specific issue, other sections such as “Materiały i archiwalia” (‘Materials and archives’), “Wywiady” (‘Interviews’) and “Varia” (‘Miscellany’).

The quarterly is released both in print and in open access at the repository called Akademicka Platforma Czasopism
( — ISSN: 1899-315X


Formal requirements and evaluation criteria

The proposal must include the following components.

1. The names of the prospective content editors who are submitting the proposal, along with their academic degree, affiliation and e-mail address.

2. The proposed leitmotif of the volume together with a description of the idea for the volume (up to 5,000 characters). The description should be composed in such a way that it allows for an academic evaluation of the idea, including keywords and an explanation why the specific leitmotif has been chosen.

A special preference is extended toward the proposals involving authors affiliated outside Poland and texts written in languages other than Polish.

3. A set of the titles of the papers to be included in the section “Studia i rozprawy” (‘Research papers’) along with the names of the authors who have consented to participate in the volume. Proposals should include specific information about the prospective papers in the form of an abstract (up to 1,000 characters) with a hypothesis, description of content and preliminary conclusions.

The proposed leitmotif of the volume may either discuss a specific subject matter or be devoted to a renowned writer/artist. One popular form that is frequently adopted in the thematic volumes is a commemoration of anniversaries celebrated in the given calendar year. An idea for a volume  to be released in 2021 or early 2022 could be an issue dedicated to any of the following authors: Stanisław Lem, Tadeusz Różewicz or Krzysztof Kamil Baczyński, as a way of honoring the centennial of their birth.

The editorial board of Litteraria Copernicana reserves the rights, upon a prior discussion with the content editors, to modify the concept and the contents of the selected volume proposal.

Finally, the actual period of release of the complete volume may be altered due to the
varying circumstances of the publishing process.