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Happiness: Practice, Process, and Product (Lincoln Humanities Journal, 2021)

Happiness: Practice, Process, and Product (Lincoln Humanities Journal, 2021)

Publié le par Université de Lausanne (Source : Abbes Maazaoui)

The Lincoln Humanities Journal (ISSN 2474-7726) is extending the deadline for submissions from June 15 to August 31, 2021, for its 9th special issue, to be published in December 2021, on the topic of Happiness: Practice, Process, and Product. 


Happiness: Practice, Process, and Product

The Lincoln Humanities Journal (ISSN 2474-7726) is requesting article submissions for its 9th special issue, to be published in December 2021, on the topic of Happiness: Practice, Process, and Product. Contributors are invited to explore the theme from a number of perspectives:  (a) the practices of happiness: what it means to be happy; and the ever-evolving forms and definitions at all levels (individual, cultural, political, etc. ); (b) the processes: the strategies and actions that seekers and providers of happiness implement to achieve happiness: consumption, hobbies, drugs, alcohol, gambling, sex, etc.; (c) and products: what happiness looks like; how it is experienced; and the various emotional, economic, socio-political, physiological, and literary gadgets and manifestations that embody happiness. We welcome approaches across a broad range of disciplines such as literature, philosophy, history, anthropology, religion, psychology, popular culture, visual arts, and social media.

Topics may include but are not limited to:

The concept of happiness: philosophical, psychological, historical, cultural, and economic perspectives

Happiness in literature and the arts (music, painting, etc.)

Happiness in mass media (TV, film, and the Internet)

The science of happiness (psychology and neuroscience)

The politics of happiness: law and public policy

Happiness, welfare, well-being, euphoria, “feel good”, and the “good life”

Love, happiness, and sex

Health/care and happiness

Buying/selling happiness

Pursuit of happiness

Self-help industry (publications, workshops, apps, etc.)

Happiness, religion and spiritualty

Happiness and morality

Geographical and environmental impact of happiness

Happiness in different cultures/countries


Important Dates & Deadlines

  • Deadline for Full Article Submissions:    August 30, 2021
  • Acceptance Notification:                         60 days after submission
  • Projected Date of Publication:                December 2021         

Submission Guidelines

Include an abstract of 200-400 words (in MS Word)

Include a biographical note of 50-250 words (in MS Word)

The article should be 4000-6000 words, including the abstract, the footnotes and the works cited

Include the following statement in the cover e-mail: “I solemnly confirm that the attached manuscript has never been published elsewhere, under this, or another title."

Include name, professional affiliation, phone number, and email address in the cover e-mail.

Formatting Guidelines

Manuscripts must conform to MLA-style guidelines (MLA Style Manual and Guide to Scholarly Publishing). For an MLA Style Works Cited format overview, see the following web resource… 

Use font Georgia # 12. The entire article, including the abstract and the indented quotations, should be double-spaced, and in MS Word.

The final submission must comply with other formatting guidelines, to be communicated upon notification of acceptance.

Submission & Review Process

Manuscripts should be sent to the editor, Abbes Maazaoui (

Articles undergo a double blind review and their publication depends on the peer-review process.