Appels à contributions
Ross Chambers : A Legacy of Love (The Romanic Review)

Ross Chambers : A Legacy of Love (The Romanic Review)

Publié le par Université de Lausanne (Source : David Caron)


Call for papers / Appel à contribution. 

Guest editor: David Caron, University of Michigan


The Romanic Review is accepting submissions for a special issue honoring the memory of Ross Chambers.

Ross represented many things to many people who had the pleasure to know him during his long career as a scholar, teacher and mentor, and most would agree that friendship and love will remain inseparable from his intellectual legacy. Over the years, as evidenced by the outpour of grief that met his passing, colleagues and students alike responded to Ross’s generosity with the sort of profound affection few scholars ever receive. From the ethical commitment and fearlessness that animated his writing to the ways in which he made modesty and decency seem effortless, he will continue to represent for many of us everything an academic, and a human being, should aspire to be.

The purpose of this issue is to gather bits and pieces of personal recollections and assemble a multi-authored, polyvocal portrait of the man as refracted and diffracted by people whose lives he touched. These pieces should be relatively short and may be articulated along thematic lines that traversed Ross’s work, such as remembering, witnessing, relating, digressing, reading, incompletion, opposition, partiality, failure, smallness, marginalia, irony, friendship, queerness, the everyday, the anecdotal, etc.

Length: up to1500 words. Those wishing to propose longer contributions are invited to contact the editor.

Deadline: May 1, 2018

Languages: English or French.