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J. Frow, The Practice of Value. Essays on Literature in cultural studies

J. Frow, The Practice of Value. Essays on Literature in cultural studies

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John Frow, The Practice of Value. Essays on Literature in cultural studies


UWA Publishing, 2014

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In recent years the disciplines of literary studies and cultural studies have engaged in occasional hostilities but very rarely in productive engagement with each other’s methodologies. Yet each offers a set of rich resources for the other in a period of disciplinary crisis across the Humanities.

The essays collected here, working at the point of intersection of these two fields, are centrally concerned with conflicts of value: the aesthetic value that is ascribed to texts; the economic value that accrues to intellectual property; the processes of social valuation that turn waste into worth and back again; the structures of valued knowledge that shape both the disciplines of knowledge and everyday life; and the political struggles over social and cultural difference that give rise, at their most intense, to the desolation of communities and the destruction of cultures.

John Frow is currently ARC Professorial Fellow and Professor of English at the University of Sydney. He is the co-editor of Cultural Studies Review and is a Fellow of the Australian Academy of the Humanities.

John Frow has published over 120 articles and book chapters, and is a member of the advisory or editorial boards of fourteen international and Australian journals. His previous books include: Marxism and Literary History (1986); Cultural Studies and Cultural Value (1995); Time and Commodity Culture (1997); Accounting for Tastes: Australian Everyday Cultures (1999, with Tony Bennett and Michael Emmison); and Genre (2006). His two edited collections, Australian Cultural Studies: A Reader (with Meaghan Morris) and The Handbook of Cultural Analysis (with Tony Bennett) were published by Allen and Unwin and the University of Illinois Press, and by Sage.