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Dialogues between theatre and neuroscience

Dialogues between theatre and neuroscience

Publié le par Matthieu Vernet (Source : Gabriele Sofia)

Fifth International Conference "Dialogues between Theatre and Neuroscience"

Rome, 6 - 7 June 2013


promoted by Clelia Falletti, Luciano Mariti and Giovanni Mirabella

organised by Gabriele Sofia and Victor Jacono


On the 6 and 7 June 2013, for the fifth consecutive year, Sapienza Università di Roma will be organising the International Conference “Dialogues between Theatre and Neuroscience”. This year, the interdisciplinary dimension of the event will be supported through a collaboration involving the Department of Art History and Performing Arts, the Department of Physiology and Pharmacology “V. Erspamer”, and the Faculty of Philosophy, Arts, Humanities and Oriental Studies of Sapienza Università di Roma. In the course of these five years the Conference has hosted more than sixty scholars hailing not only from the fields of theatre and cognitive neuroscience, but also from the fields of anthropology, psychology, physiology, history of art, musicology, philosophy, education and sport sciences.

The theme chosen for this year’s conference is the following: In what ways does interdisciplinary encounter change the disciplines involved? In what ways can the practices and studies of theatre change the research praxis of neuroscience? In what ways can the theories and paradigms of neuroscience modify the research praxis of theatre, in both its performative and academic cultures?

We therefore invite interested Ph.D. candidates and graduates, post-docs, researchers and professors to participate in the Conference by sending a presentation proposal.

Proposals may illustrate an example or a hypothesis of the way in which the circulation of knowledge and experience changes the research praxis of those involved. Case studies may refer to a contemporary experience or to the history of the disciplines in question. Priority will be given to the presentation of reflections and outcomes deriving from pragmatic, collaborative experiences or experimental paradigms. 

Each proposal has to include:

- A title

- 5 keywords

- A presentation of the topic and of the research methodology (max. 400 words)

- A short bibliography

- A short biographical note of the proponent, stating research institution, personal course of studies and any publications.

In total proposals should not exceed 900 words.

Technical details

- Each presentation is allotted a duration of maximum 20 minutes  

- Proposals may be sent in Italian, English, French and Spanish

- Presentations will be delivered in Italian or English

- Presentations in other languages will be accepted but must be accompanied by a written translation in Italian or English


- All proposals are to be sent via email by not later than the 17 March 2013 to:

- The decision of the scientific committee will be communicated via email by the 24 March 2013

Scientific Committee:

The members of the scientific committee in charge of selecting the proposals are:

- Prof. Clelia Falletti – Theatre historian, Sapienza Università di Roma

- Prof. Luciano Mariti – Theatre historian, Sapienza Università di Roma

- Prof. Giovanni Mirabella – Neuroscientist, IRCCS Neuromed, Sapienza Università    di Roma

- Dr. Victor Jacono – Ph.D., Sapienza Università di Roma

- Dr. Gabriele Sofia – Ph.D., Sapienza Università di Roma, MSH - Paris Nord.

Practical Information:

- The event will be held on the premises of Sapienza Università di Roma

- Costs related to flights, transport, accommodation and subsistence are at the expense of the proponents or their respective research institutions.

Website and info: