Tenure-Track Faculty Position, French Language and Literature (School of Foreign Studies, Nanjing University, China)

Tenure-Track Faculty Position, French Language and Literature (School of Foreign Studies, Nanjing University, China)

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Tenure-Track Faculty Positions in School of Foreign Studies, Nanjing University, 2024

I. About the School

The School of Foreign Studies (SFS) at Nanjing University traces its history back to a three-year English program initiated in 1917. Building on its academic heritage, SFS has now developed into an institution of seven departments: English, French, German, Spanish, Russian, Japanese, and Korean, with a total enrollment of over 1,100 students in BA, MA, and PhD programs designed for sustained learning and interdisciplinary opportunities. SFS is devoted to excellence in teaching and research, and to nurturing future leaders who are able to make a difference around the world. With full commitment to this mission, SFS is constantly striving to match its standards with the nation’s growth and its students’ interest and learning objectives, and prepares qualified young people to succeed in such competitive and demanding professions as diplomacy, international affairs, education, cultural exchange, journalism, trade and finance.

Over half of SFS’s faculty members are professors and associate professors, in addition to 15 international faculty members including Jean-Marie Gustave Le Clézio, Nobel Prize winner for literature. These distinguished scholars are active in research and dedicated to education. SFS sponsors a wide range of research projects through its research institutions such as the Center for the Study of Contemporary Foreign Literature and Culture, the Institute of Foreign Linguistics, the Institute of Translation Studies, and the Institute for Comparative Study on Sino-German Culture. Research at the school covers a wide range of subjects in world literature, general and applied linguistics, translation studies, area studies, and intercultural communication. Currently, SFS’s foreign language and literature program is supported by the Chinese Ministry of Education’s World-Class Disciplines Initiative.

II. Posts

SFS plans to recruit young scholars who aspire to have a career in the field of foreign language and literature studies. The application is open to scholars from all over the world. The School is seeking applicants for tenure-track assistant professors. Higher positions for particularly outstanding scholars are available and application will be considered individually. Specific fields of research open for recruitment include:

1. French Language and Literature 

III. Qualifications

The applicant should

1. abide by the laws and regulations of the People’s Republic of China, and have a passion for teaching and research;

2. abide by the ethics of teachers, uphold academic integrity, be willing to work diligently, and have no criminal record or record in breaching the ethics of teachers and/or academic integrity;

3. have a first-rate background in academic training-specifically, a PhD in relevant disciplines, experience in studying and/or working at first-rate teaching and research institutions, and knowledge of the latest international trends and development in the relevant research field(s);

4. have outstanding teaching abilities-the applicant should be able to teach core and frontline courses in the corresponding discipline, and have sound teaching methodology and strong verbal skills;

5. demonstrate outstanding research output and potential-the applicant should have publications in his/her field of research, original ideas about relevant fields of research, a clear vision about future research plans, and good potential for further academic development.

IV. Supporting Materials for Application

1. A detailed CV (please include a list of publications)

2. An introduction of your research results and their innovative significance

3. A plan for research for the next 3-5 years and its prospects

4. An account of teaching experience and planning

5. Three reference letters (usually from your doctoral supervisor, the academic head of your current workplace, and a well-known scholar in your research field)

6. Three of your representative articles in full

You should fill in the application form via the link (, and then apply for your target position on the recruitment platform of Nanjing University ( The above application materials should be uploaded and submitted on this platform.

V. Compensation Package and Support

1. An annual salary (to be worked out individually)

2. A start-up fund for research

3. Qualification to supervise graduate students

4. The university provides short-term lodging and housing subsidies. Applicants recruited can purchase commercial housing offered by the university at a special discount

5. The university provides assistance with children's schooling at primary and secondary school levels.

VI. Application deadline


If the number of applicants for a single post is small, it will be extended appropriately.

You could click the “Apply Now” button or login to the talent recruitment platform of Nanjing University ( to submit the application materials required. 

VII. Policy consultation

Contact number:025-89686245


College website: