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Jeff Loveland, Stéphane Schmitt, Specialized dictionaries and encyclopedias, 1650-1800. A tribute to Frank Kafker.

Jeff Loveland, Stéphane Schmitt, Specialized dictionaries and encyclopedias, 1650-1800. A tribute to Frank Kafker.

New from Oxford University Studies in the Enlightenment

Specialized dictionaries and encyclopedias, 1650-1800: a tribute to Frank Kafker

Edited by Jeff Loveland and Stéphane Schmitt

Based on a series of case studies following a wide-ranging introduction, this book examines the history of specialized dictionaries and encyclopedias during a period in which they developed dramatically, rising numerically from a trickle to a flood even as they came to cover many varieties of knowledge.

This is one of the first books to focus on specialized dictionaries and encyclopedias.

Covers a largely neglected but extremely important aspect of European encyclopedism.

Includes contributions from an international team of experts.

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Augustin Calmet’s Dictionnaire historique, critique, chronologique, géographique et littéral de la Bible (1719) by Kathleen Hardesty Doig Étienne Chauvin’s Lexicon rationale (1692) and Lexicon philosophicum (1713) by Giuliano Gasparri A medicinal dictionary (1742-45) by Robert James: an Enlightenment reference work by Alexander Wright and R. W. McConchie John Barrow’s Dictionarium polygraphicum (1735) by Craig Hanson Noël Chomel’s Dictionnaire oeconomique (1708) by Clorinda Donato The Dictionnaire raisonné universel d’histoire naturelle (1764) by Stéphane Schmitt The Reales Staats- und Zeitungs-Lexicon (1704) by Jeff Loveland The Curieuses Natur- Kunst- Gewerck- und Handlungs-Lexicon (1712) by Ines Prodöhl The Dictionnaire universel de commerce (1723-30) by Jeff Loveland Nicolas Desroche’s Dictionaire des termes propres de marine (1687): a linguistic tool for seafarers? by Élisabeth Ridel-Granger and Michel Daeffler Sven Rinman’s Bergwerks Lexicon (1788-89) and the emergence of mining encyclopedias in preindustrial Europe by Linn Holmberg Frank Kafker and the social history of eighteenth-century encyclopedism by Gregory S. Brown and Melanie Conroy 


Jeff Loveland is a Visiting Assistant Professor of History at Utah Tech University. Much of his research concerns the history of encyclopedias, especially eighteenth-century European encyclopedias. His publications include The Early Britannica (1768-1803) (2009, co-edited with Frank A. Kafker) and The European Encyclopedia, from 1650 to the Twenty-First Century (2019).

Stéphane Schmitt is a research director at the Archives Henri Poincaré (French Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique) in Nancy, France. He works on the history of the life sciences, especially in the eighteenth and the nineteenth centuries. He has published many books and papers on the history of anatomy, embryology, and zoology, and is the main editor of Buffon’s Œuvres completes (2007-, 17 volumes published to date).

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