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International Conference

International Conference "6th Storytelling Revisited: Narrating within the Cultural Industries. Platforms, Stories and Narratives" (Universitat de Vic - UCC)

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VI International Conference – Storytelling Revisited

“Narrating within the Cultural Industries: Platforms, Stories and Narratives”


Universitat de Vic – Universitat Central de Catalunya

22 & 23 November, 2023


This Conference aims at providing a forum for researchers to foster the analysis of storytelling in relation to cultural industries with a special attention to platforms, stories and the main actors in the narrative process. 

The 6th Storytelling Revisited invites researchers to deepen into the platformisation of cultural production (Nieborg & Poell, 2018). As pointed out by Poell, Nieborg and van Dijck (2019), platformisation transforms cultural practices reorganizing them around digital platforms, while at the same time these practices shape platforms’ institutional dimensions.

This academic meeting will revolve around the study of the relationship between platforms, content and narratives, focusing on four main areas:

The platformisation of cultural production and its impact on creativity and narratives. The first thematic axis will focus on how digital platforms influence audiovisual narratives, considering the mutual articulation between institutional changes and shifting cultural practices.

Storytelling and digital influencers: Emergent narrating models on social media. The aim of the second axis is to explore the role that figures such as youtubers, instagramers, twitchers or tiktokers are assuming as a narrative model for young audiences.

The power of sound: Trends in audio storytelling. The third axis deals with the evolution of audio narratives, both in fiction and non-fiction genres together with the rise of podcasting, which has highlighted the potential of sound in storytelling.

Gender, diversity and social perspective on audiovisual narratives. The fourth axis comprises the myriad of social views regarding the cultural industries, with a special focus on how gender or diversity are addressed in audiovisual production.


  • Keynote speaker

Mon Rodríguez-Amat (Sheffield University, United Kingdom)


  • Conference Topics

The “6th Storytelling Revisited: Narrating within the Cultural Industries. Platforms, Stories and Narratives” will cover the following topics. Proposals about related topics are also welcome:

Audio storytelling
Audiovisual translation and digital platforms
Creativity in audiovisual translation
Cultural industries
Digital radio
Digital influencers
Digital platforms
Diversity in audiovisual narratives
Gender and audiovisual narratives
Hate speech
Media reception: audiences
Narrating models on social media
Platformisation of cultural production
Social documentaries
Social storytelling

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  • Abstract submission

Deadline September the 30th 2023.

Click on the link to fill and submit your abstract: Abstract submission

Notification of acceptance: October the 15th 2023.

All submissions will be reviewed anonymously. All accepted papers will be allocated 15 minutes, with a further 5 minutes to be spent on discussion.


  • Publication opportunities

The journal Obra digital has scheduled a monographic issue focused on the cultural industries to be released in June 2024.

All conference participants are invited to publish a paper in this monographic issue and should explicitly mention it in the abstract form.

Be that the case, full papers should be sent before October the 15th 2023 to the journal website complying with the Submission instructions and guidelines.


A second publication will be issued by the University of Vic-Central University of Catalonia Press. 

Full texts should be sent before December the 22nd 2023 to


  • Organising committee

Mar Binimelis Adell (UVic-UCC); Paula Igareda González (UVic-UCC); Raúl Martínez Corcuera (UVic-UCC); Miquel Pujol Tubau (UVic-UCC); Toni Sellas Güell (UVic-UCC) and Sergi Solà Saña (UVic-UCC).

  • Coordinating committee

Mireia Canals-Botines (UVic-UCC); Núria Camps-Casals (UVic-UCC) and Núria Medina-Casanovas (UVic-UCC).


  • Scientific committee

Núria Arimany Serrat (UVic-UCC); Laia Briones Buixassa (UVic-UCC); Núria Camps-Casals (UVic-UCC); Mireia Canals-Botines (UVic-UCC); Jordi Chumillas Coromina (UVic-UCC); Llorenç Comajoan Colomé (UVic-UCC); Gemma Delgar Farrés (UVic-UCC); Eva Espasa Borràs (UVic-UCC); Pilar Godayol Nogué (UVic-UCC) and Núria Medina-Casanovas (UVic-UCC).


  • Important dates

Presentation of abstracts: September the 30th 2023
Notification of acceptance: October the 15th 2023
Registration (free but compulsory): July the 16th – November the 10th 2023