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The Accessible French Classroom : OER, Equity, and Innovation for New Teaching Practices (PAMLA, Los Angeles)

The Accessible French Classroom : OER, Equity, and Innovation for New Teaching Practices (PAMLA, Los Angeles)

Publié le par Université de Lausanne (Source : Aurelie Chevant-Aksoy)

** Extended deadline for proposals : August 15**

We're still looking for panelists for our roundtable (the session will be in person) at the PAMLA Conference, Los Angeles (from 11/11 to 11/13).

"The Accessible French Classroom: OER, Equity, and Innovation for New Teaching Practices"

Abstract : The shift to innovative teaching practices, including the use of Open Educational Resources (OER) and previously unknown technologies or platforms, has been steadily motivated over the past years by the rising cost of textbooks and the unstable financial situations of students, but has been notably accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic. Increasingly, instructors have fresh materials widely available online at their disposal. Moreover, the relevance and authenticity, in addition to the accessibility, of conventionally published materials is often called into question. As a result, instructors increasingly turn to OER and to other course formats to meet these needs.
In this panel, presenters share how they use OER and other innovative teaching practices in French and Francophone language, literature, and culture courses. They discuss how these new materials and practices create active student-centered learning experiences that favor an accessible learning environment, and explain how this work has impacted their pedagogy. Participants may demonstrate how they successfully implemented OER as the main material for a pre-existing course, presenting supplementary materials they incorporated alongside OER. They may also introduce new class formats to adapt to our students' population (such as heritage speakers of French or Spanish speakers, etc.) and their current demands. Instructors may address challenges that arise from using OER and innovative (technological) tools and curriculum. Participants will provide links to useful materials and databases and offer practical tips for planning and assessment to better connect curriculum and pedagogy to students’ needs.

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