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M. Kramp (ed.). Jane Austen and Critical Theory  

M. Kramp (ed.). Jane Austen and Critical Theory

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Jane Austen and Critical Theory

Michael Kramp (ed.)


ISBN 9781032019918


278 Pages




Jane Austen and Critical Theory is a collection of new essays that addresses the absence of critical theory in Austen studies—an absence that has limited the reach of Austen criticism. The collection brings together innovative scholars who ask new and challenging questions about the efficacy of Austen’s work. This volume confronts mythical understandings of Austen as "Dear Aunt Jane," the early twentieth-century legacy of Austen as a cultural salve, and the persistent habit of reading her works for advice or instruction. The authors pursue a diversity of methods, encourage us to build new kinds of relationships to Austen and her writings, and demonstrate how these relationships might generate new ideas and possibilities—ideas and possibilities that promise to expand the ways in which we deploy Austen. The book specifically reminds us of the vital importance of Austen and her fiction for central concerns of the humanities, including the place of the individual within civil society, the potential for new identities and communities, the urgency to address racial and sexual oppression, and the need to imagine more just futures.

Table of Contents:

List of Contributors

Introduction by Michael Kramp

The Cultural Work of Austen's Life and Afterlives

Lady Oracle: Jane Austen as High Priestess of Modern Romance or Secret Icon of Female Independence

Megan A. Woodworth

Jane Austen in Australia and New Zealand

Joanne Wilkes

"This is 1806, for Heaven’s sake!": The Tension between Nostalgia and Feminism in Austen Adaptation and YouTube FanVids

Rebecca White

Identity, Relationality, and Community

Logical Time in Austen's Persuasion: Desire and the Unproductive Anxious Interval

Isabelle Michalski and David Sigler

Pride and Prejudice and the Comedy of the Universal

Daniela Garofalo

Autonomy Will Set You Free, Or Will It?: Autonomy, Precarity and Survival

Enit Karafili Steiner

The Shrewdness of Sophia Croft in Persuasion

Natasha Duquette

The Known and the Possible in Austen

Austen’s Theory of Change

Kate Singer

Jane Austen’s Angry Inch: The Nonbinary Son-to-Come

Chris Washington

Pleasure and Danger: Theorizing Adolescence in and Through Austen

Shawn Lisa Maurer

The Vitality of Austen

The Austenian Mise-en-Scène

Christopher C. Nagle

Wickham Then and Now: From Historical Masculinity to Toxic Masculinity 

Kit Kincade

Jane Austen, Feminist Legal Philosopher

Sarah Ailwood