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Romanic Review, 105-1/2

Romanic Review, 105-1/2

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This double issue is a tribute to Philip Watts (1961-2013). It features three parts: a cluster on the memory of World War II in contemporary French culture; a set of tributes “Reading (with) Phil Watts”; and the republication of a 2011 article by Phil Watts on "Camus and Film."

Vincent Debaene and Richard J. Golsan
Remembering World War II: Its Precedents and Legacies (Richard J. Golsan, editor)

Richard J. Golsan

Interrogation de Drieu La Rochelle: le poète témoin et l’illusion lyrique                                        
Marc Dambre

Roland Barthes, lecteur de Paul Chack?                                                                          
Antoine Compagnon
From Photography to Social Cinema: Éli Lotar, Aubervilliers and a Sense of Place                    
Steven Ungar
The Poetics and Perils of “Faction”: Contemporary French Fiction and the Memory of World War II
Richard J. Golsan
The Stakes in Holocaust Representation: On Tarantino’s Inglourious Basterds                                                                                                                                  
Susan Rubin Suleiman

Interview with Laurent Binet

Philip Watts and Richard J. Golsan  
Interview with Henri Rousso

Philip Watts and Richard J. Golsan

Tributes to Philip Watts  (Vincent Debaene, editor)

Reading (with) Phil Watts                                               
Vincent Debaene
Reading Phil Watts on Les Bienveillantes                                             
Richard J. Golsan
Watts, Reader of Rancière                                                                       
Kristin Ross

Literary Attention: The Hairy Politics of Details                        
Yves Citton
Philip Watts Editor/Edited
Richard Watts
Remembering Phil                                                          
Alice Kaplan

Camus and Film                                                            
Philip Watts


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