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Networks and Visual Seriality in Mass-Market Print Culture (Bruxelles & Louvain)

Networks and Visual Seriality in Mass-Market Print Culture (Bruxelles & Louvain)

Publié le par Marc Escola (Source : Benoît Crucifix)

Networks and Visual Seriality in Mass-Market Print Culture

International conference, Royal Library of Belgium (KBR) & KU Leuven

29-30 April 2024 

Registration open until April 15:


29 April (KBR, Panorama)

9:00     Welcome

9:15     Introduction, Frédéric Lemmers (KBR/ULB), Benoît Crucifix (KBR/KU Leuven), Morgane Ott (ULiège/KBR)

9:45     Keynote          

Evanghélia Stead (Université de Versailles-Saint-Quentin), “A Few Methodological Proposals on Periodical Research”

10:45   Coffee break

11:00   Unlocking Exhibition Imagery in Archives and Periodicals

Anna Gonchar (Technical University of Munich), “Printing Architecture: Visual Seriality in Exhibition Media and Advertising at the 1928 International Press Exhibition in Cologne”

Morgane Ott (ULiège/KBR), “Media Coverage of World’s Fairs Antwerpen 1930 & Bruxelles 1935: Representations and Assimilation of Discourses on Belgian Art through Mass-Market Print Culture”

12:30   Lunch

14:00   Tracing Serial Networks through Computational Approaches

Erwin Dejasse (KBR/ULB), Julie Birkholz (KBR/UGent), Krishna Kumar Thirukokaranam Chandrasekar (UGent), Benoît Crucifix (KBR/KU Leuven), Bas Vercruysse (UGent), Sébastien Hermans (KBR/KU Leuven), “Finding a Needle in a Haystack. Comics in Belgian Illustrated Periodicals in the Interwar Period”

Adrien Jeanrenaud (University of Geneva), “The Globalisation of Movie Posters: Networks, Media and Circulation”

Natalia Kvitkova (KU Leuven), “Tracing the Human & Non-Human Network of Celebrity: Walter Gropius & Le Corbusier in Printed Media”

15:30   Coffee break

16:00   Leafing Through the Artpresse Corpus

30 April (University Library, KU Leuven)

9:00     Keynote          

Vincent Fröhlich (Philipps-Universität Marburg), “Coevolving Forces or: ‘Why all this repetition?’ How Visual Seriality of Illustrated Film Magazines and Networks Influence Each Other”

10:00   Intermediality in Illustrated Periodicals

Maaheen Ahmed (Ghent University), “Intermedial Dreams: Glimpses of Children’s Media Experiences through Periodical”

Maria Antonella Pelizzari (Hunter College, CUNY), “Media convergence in Angelo Rizzoli’s periodicals: La Signora di tutti (1934)”

11:00   Coffee break

11:30   Distribution Networks and Media Audiences

Max Bonhomme (DFK Paris), “Distribution Networks of the Communist Press: Modern avatars of Peddling and Media feedback”

Marie-Noelle Yazdanpanah (Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for Digital History), “‘For us, BÜHNE is everything that has an audience’ – staging popular culture in the Viennese illustrated magazine Die Bühne in the 1920s and 30s”

12:30   Lunch

13:30   Keynote          

Béatrice Joyeux-Prunel (University of Geneva), “Networked Image Streams ? Computational Insights into 19th and 20th Century Visual Culture and Periodicals, and Their Constraints”

14:30   Coffee break

15:00   Popularization in Mass-Market Magazines

Fedora Parkmann (Institute of Art History of the Czech Academy of Sciences), Viktorie Vítů (Academy of Fine Arts, Prague), “Photomechanical Reproductions of Artworks between Art Magazines and Mass-Audience Periodicals. The Case of the Printer and Publisher V. Neubert & Sons”

Linda Stagni (ETH Zurich), “Art Historical Inconsistencies: Images and Strategies for the Public at Joseph Gantner’s Das Werk 1923–1927”

Pieter Verstraeten (KU Leuven), “Images of literary authorship in popular illustrated magazines in Flanders (1918-1940)”

16:30   Guided tour of the Film-Photonovel exhibition by Jan Baetens (KU Leuven) 


This conference is a joint event between the Royal Library of Belgium (KBR) & KU Leuven. It is the closing conference for ARTPRESSE, a Brain-be 2.0. research project offering an intermedial study of Belgian art as a networked structure as seen through the lens of the mass media magazines in the interbellum years. The corpus of digitized broad-audience illustrated periodicals (+500,000 pages) is accessible online and fully text-searchable through BelgicaPeriodicals. It is also organized alongside an exhibition on the French film-photo-novel taking place in Spring 2024 at KU Leuven Central Library, showcasing the large collection hosted by the University Special Collections. The exhibition approaches the film-photo-novel as part of mass-market periodical culture.

Organizing committee

Jan Baetens, KU Leuven

Julie Bawin, ULiège

Benoît Crucifix, KBR/KU Leuven

Michel Delville, ULiège

Sébastien Hermans, KBR/KU Leuven

Frédéric Lemmers, KBR/ULB

Morgane Ott, ULiège

Fred Truyen, KU Leuven

Scientific committee

Maaheen Ahmed, Ghent University

Paul Aron, ULB

Julie Birkholz, KBR/Ghent University

Daniel Biltereyst, Ghent University

Brecht Deseure, KBR/ULB

Björn-Olav Dozo, ULiège

Jared Gardner, The Ohio State University

Matthieu Letourneux, Université Paris Nanterre

Birgit Van Puymbroeck, VUB

Marianne Van Remoortel, Ghent University



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Cultural Studies Research Group


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