Personnographie du portail YELLOW NINETIES 2.0

Personnographie du portail YELLOW NINETIES 2.0

Publié le par Perrine Coudurier (Source : Bénédicte Coste)

Le portail YELLOW NINETIES 2.0 offre des éditions numériques annotées de périodiques anglophones de la fin du 19e siècle: The Dial, The Evergreen: A Northern Seasonal, The Pageant, The Savoy,  The Yellow Book. D'autres sont à venir. Parmi les ressources disponibles en libre accès, de courtes biographies de contributeurs et contributrices dont certains et certaines sont francophones. 
Lorraine  anzen Kooistra (general editor) ( et Koenraad Claes (Biographies Acquisitions Editor) (
sont à la recherche de spécialistes d'auteurs et d'autrices, de contributeurs et contributrices de presse de la période pour rédiger de courtes biographies en anglais (modèle et aide à la rédaction fournis). Tout chercheur/chercheuse peut contribuer au projet.

Un descriptif plus complet en anglais est fourni ci-dessous et les editors répondent à toute question, et fournissent une liste de contributeurs/trices en attente d'un/e biographe.

YELLOW NINETIES 2.0 ( is an open-access scholarly resource for the study of eight British fin-de-siècle little magazines in the context of their production and reception. In addition to a searchable digital edition of each magazine, we provide a critical overview of the title and a scholarly introduction for each volume in the series, as well as a historical archive of contemporary promotional materials and reviews. Two biographical tools—essays on individual contributors and the Y90s Personography—facilitate discovery of the people and networks that created the artwork and literature in these magazines.

The Y90s Magazine Rack includes 5 completed and 3 in-progress digital editions.
Completed: The Pagan ReviewThe Dial, The Evergreen: A Northern Seasonal, The Pageant, The Savoy, and The Yellow Book

In Progress: The Green Sheaf, The Venture

We are currently looking for specialist scholars—at any career stage and with or without institutional affiliation—who wish to provide biographical essays on persons (e.g. literary or journalistic contributors, illustrators, artists, engravers, printers, publishers, editors) with substantial links to little magazines available from our website.  All submissions undergo peer review, and essays are usually published within six months of final acceptance. 

We welcome your own suggestions, but we can also supply you with a list of subjects that we ourselves are particularly looking to commission. 

If you are interested, please contact:

Biographies Acquisitions Editor Koenraad Claes (


General Editor Lorraine Janzen Kooistra (