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Pseudo-Paracelsus: Alchemy and Forgery in Early Modern Medicine and Natural Philosophy

Pseudo-Paracelsus: Alchemy and Forgery in Early Modern Medicine and Natural Philosophy

Publié le par Ludivine Rey - CELLF (Source : Ludivine Rey)

Monday, 25 July

14h30-18h00:     Check-in

19h00:  Welcome Drink

19h30:  Opening Dinner


Tuesday, 26 July

09h00-09h15: Introduction (Hiro Hirai & Didier Kahn)

09h15-10h45:     Astronomia Magna and Related Issues:

• Dane T. Daniel (Wright State University, Ohio) : Evaluating the Authenticity of Paracelsus’s Astronomia Magna: Toward a Diagnostic Rubric Clarifying Authentic and Spurious Elements in Paracelsus’s Œuvre

• Martin Žemla (Palack? University, Olomouc) : Astronomia Olympi Novi and Theologia Cabalistica: Pseudo-Paracelsian Works of the Philosophia Mystica Collection (1618)


11h15-12h45: Archidoxis and Related Issues:

• Georgiana Hedesan (University of Oxford) : Completing the Archidoxis: The Clavis of 1624 and the Impulse to Fabricate Paracelsus Forgeries

• Jiří Michalík (Palack? University, Olomouc) : The Archidoxis magica and Medieval Magic


13h00-14h30:     Lunch


14h45-15h30:     Alchemy (1):

• Jennifer Rampling (Princeton University) : Lull, Ripley, Paracelsus: the Vegetable Stone and the Evolution of Pseudepig­raphic Corpora

15h45-17h15:     The Philosophia ad Athenienses:

• Elisabeth Moreau (ULB, Bruxelles & Radboud Universi­ty, Nijmegen) : Petrus Severinus and Daniel Sennert on Philosophia ad Athenienses

• Didier Kahn (CNRS, CELLF 16-18) : The Philosophia ad Athenienses in the Context of Genuine Paracelsian Cosmol­ogy


17h45-18h30:  Workshop 1: Created vs. Uncreated Prime Matter in Paracelsus


19h30:  Dinner


Wednesday, 27 July

09h15-10h45:     Microcosm / Macrocosm and Medicine (1):

• Charles Gunnoe (Aquinas College, Grand Rapids, MI) : Paracelsus, Plague, and De Pestilitate: Astral Influence, Divine Judgement, and Magical Medicine

• Hiro Hirai (Radboud University, Nijmegen) : Signatures of Nature between Magic and Science in Pseudo-Paracelsus


11h15-12h45:     Alchemy (2):

• Tobias Bulang (Germanistisches Seminar, Universität Heidelberg) : Text and Context – Edition and Commentary of  the Pseudo-Paracelsian Aurora Philosophorum

 • Lawrence M. Principe (Johns Hopkins University) : Paracelsian and Pseudo-Paracelsian Ideas in the Corpus of Basilius Valentinus


13h00-14h30:     Lunch


14h45-15h30:     Microcosm / Macrocosm and Medicine (2):

• Claude Rétat (CNRS, CELLF 18-21) : Paracelse : iatricie et instruction maçonnique selon Jean-Marie Ragon


15h45-17h15:     Alchemy (3):

 • Amadeo Murase (Seigakuin University, Tokyo) : The Eschatological Image of Paracelsus in De tinctura physicorum

 • Kathrin Pfister (Anglistisches Seminar, Universität Heidelberg) : Towards a Critical Edition of the De tinctura physicorum


17h45-18h30:     Workshop 2: Towards a digital edition of Paracelsus


18h30-19h30:     Workshop 3: Perspectives of Common Research


19h30:                                  Dinner


Thursday, 28 July

08h00-9h00:                       Breakfast

Until 10h00:                        Check-out