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East/West : Women and the Making of Europe

East/West : Women and the Making of Europe

Publié le par Marc Escola (Source : Frederic Canovas)

Historically and culturally, the East-West divide in Europe has never been as clear, as stable nor as simple as it appears. From the French Revolution unto the Russian one, from the rise and fall of the Soviet Union and the crumbling of the Berlin Wall, a strong cultural and political connectivity between writers and artists from one side of Europe to the other can be retraced and studied. In the conversations and collaborations unfolding between eastern and western European peoples, women writers and artists shaped and transformed free and dictatorial societies and cultures alike. This conference proposes to revisit the contribution of women to the dialogue between East and West while the waves of industrialization, modernization, and democratization rolled from western and central Europe towards the southern, northern, and eastern parts of the European continent.

Possible topics :

transnational European women writers
travel narrative
critical essays
art collaborations
women in publishing
traveling exhibitions
traveling theatrical productions
Women in European communist parties
central and eastern Europeans in western Europe
western Europeans in central and eastern Europe

Submit a one-page abstract and a short biobibliography to :

Ileana Orlich ( and Frédéric Canovas ( before November 15, 2022. 

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    Frederic Canovas
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    Arizona State University, School of International Letters and Cultures, Tempe, Arizona