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L.R. Schehr Memorial Award


Information publiée le lundi 25 mars 2013 par Audrey Lasserre (source : Anne Simon)


Our colleague Larry Schehr was strongly committed to the mentoring of junior faculty in the field of French Studies. We are proud to continue his good work at Contemporary French Civilization (CFC) with this year's Lawrence R. Schehr Memorial Award. This competition is open to all untenured junior colleagues who have received the PhD within the last seven years and who are engaged in research in contemporary French civilization and cultural studies (1870 – present). Scholars who are working on literary topics from a clearly articulated cultural approach are also encouraged to apply. Junior scholars who have presented conference papers in the preceding 12 months (at venues such as Nineteenth Century French Studies, 20th and 21st Century French and Francophone Studies International Colloquium, Society for French Historical Studies, Western Society for French History, Association for the Study of Modern and Contemporary France, as well as other bodies in the UK, France, Australia, etc.) are encouraged to submit their work. We had many excellent submissions in summer 2012 for the inaugural award and we would encourage those scholars who submitted their work last year, but who were not recognized, to continue to do so.

The researcher who submits the best conference paper will receive the Award and will be invited to publish an expanded version in Contemporary French Civilization. In the spirit of Larry Schehr, the editorial process of moving from conference paper to publishable article will involve close mentoring by the Editors of CFC. All submissions will be peer reviewed by members of the Editorial Board of CFC. Junior colleagues should submit their conference paper (10-page maximum excluding figures, images, tables, bibliography, etc) in English or French along with a copy of their curriculum vitae to the Editor-in-Chief of Contemporary French Civilization (provench@umbc.edu) by July 1, 2013 for consideration for this year’s award.

The winner of the Inaugural L.R. Schehr Memorial Award in 2012 was Dr. Emma Kuby (Northern Illinois University- email ekuby@niu.edu) whose essay will appear this summer in volume 38.2 (2013). Please help me in congratulating her once again for her excellent submission, entitled, "From the Torture Chamber to the Bedchamber: French Soldiers, Antiwar Activists, and the Discourse of Sexual Deviancy in the Algerian War (1954-1962)." 

Responsable : Denis Provencher

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